Thursday, August 30, 2018

Content Sharing with External Users using IBM Content Navigator

Accessing the content from FileNet Platform by external user feature is supported in the latest version of FileNet CPE. Content will be shared using IBM Content Navigator. Users can select documents in FileNet P8, share the document links with external users who can then view and download the documents that are shared with them.


  • P8 CPE - - IF001
  • ICN - 3.0.4 - iFix001

Sharing Documents

  • Select the documents and right click select the share option
  • In the Share dialog select the external users want to share
  • Set the view, download and expiration settings
  • Enter the comments and Send
  • The ICN will send a mail to external user

Viewing the Shared documents by external users

  • The external users receive an email that includes a link to accept the share from the external desktop that the administrator configured. 
  • When the user clicks to accept the share, the desktop opens. The desktop provides two tabs:
    • Shared with Me 
    • Pending Shares 
  • New shares are listed in the Pending Shares tab. The user must accept the share to see the documents

Configuration Procedure

  • Configure LDAP directory realm to manage the external users
  • Configure External share setting in ACCE
  • Configure the IBM Content Navigator
    • Enable external shares by installing the Share plugin, enabling the P8 repository, and setting appropriate permissions.
    • Set up external sharing capability for users by adding the share menu actions, creating a custom desktop for external users, and optionally customizing the email template for sharing. See Configuring IBM Content Navigator.
    • You will also need to make IBM Content Navigator available to the external users, outside of the firewall. This is typically done by a network administrator.

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