Saturday, June 9, 2018

Opentext Brava for Content Suite

OpenText Brava For ContentSuite

Brava! provides access to content in virtually any format without allowing the source file to be edited or downloaded. It enables workers to view the content they need and collaborate with coworkers and external stakeholders all within the business rules so organizations can operate efficiently while meeting compliance and security objectives.

Brava having out of the box integrations with 
  • Sharepoint
  • OpenText Content Suite
  • OpenText Documentum Webtop & D2
  • IBM FileNet
  • IBM Content Navigator


  • Universal Viewing
  • Secure File Publishing (TIFF, PDF, CSF) 
  • Document Redaction
  • E-Signature
  • Document Annotation

 3D Support Features (Additional Licensing):

  • Rotate and zoom
  • Explode Assemblies
  • View Cross sections
  • Take Measurements
  • Locate Parts
  • Browse Part Information
  • Share Views
Plase check the link for Brava supported file formats

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