Friday, March 9, 2018

IBM FileNet CPE v5.5 released

IBM FileNet CPE v5.5 Release Notes

IBM Recently released the new version of the FileNet Content Engine Platform v5.5.

The new features are
  • The following components, which were deprecated, are no longer supported in this version:
    • IBM FileNet Workplace XT
    • Application Engine
    • Workplace
    • IBM FileNet Integration for Microsoft Office
    • IBM FileNet Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts
  • Web-Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM), UDDI and WSSR as service registry for Process Orchestration (Web Service invocation), stand-alone legacy Component Manager, and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) provider support are deprecated in this release.
  • The Content Platform Engine S3 connector provides the ability to store and retrieve documents to and from an S3-compatible object storage solution that is deployed either on premise or in a private or public cloud.
  • Class Designer and Application Designer access to Administration Console for Content Platform Engine
  • Use token groups for Windows Active Directory
  • Role based access to objects
  • LDAP single entity lookup behavior to remove duplicates when using multiple LDAPS configured
  • FileNet Deployment manager supports the below object types
    • User-defined RecoveryBin subclasses
    • User-defined Hold subclasses
    • Sweep jobs
  • This release includes long list of new classes and properties.
  • JBoss Application Server is no longer supported.
  • The Composite Platform Installation Tool for installing a single server of FileNet P8 Platform is no longer supported.
  • A local installation of the documentation is no longer supported.
  • The following platforms are no longer supported:
    • HP and HPUX operating systems
    • Solaris operating systems

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