Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bulk updates in FileNet

Bulk Updates in FileNet using FEM

Bulk updates are used in FileNet when there is a requirement to update a property of a large number of documents with the similar data. Suppose there is a requirement to update Document Type property of a particular document class as the document type values are revisited and updated, in this case, we can use the bulk update to update the document type property of the documents to a specified value.

Bulk update functionality is performed using FEM(FileNet Enterprise Manager) and either VBScript or JScript is used as a scripting language. In the FEM search window using the script tab we can execute this bulk update. In the script, tab check the Execute Script check box to enable the script area

to perform the property update use the below VBScript code

CEObject.properties.item("DocumentType").vlaue = "NewDocuemntType"

The above code is good at updating the single value properties but to update the multi-value properties we need to modify the code as below


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