Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introduction to FileNet Capture ADR

Filenet Capture ADR (Advance Data Recognition)  is a set of modules that provide additional automatic data recognition and advanced keying (indexing and validation) functionality to Capture. ADR modules can be added in the capture process after the document assembly and the extracted data can be used for indexing process. Depending on the requirement the images are either the scanned copies or the imported images.

1. Indexing process is automated to reduce the cycle time.
2. Documents classification can be automated based on the key word search

There are 6 different modules in the ADR
1. Recognition
2. Document Review
3. Correction
4. Completion
5. Verification
6. Scripted Export

There are 8 different tools are used in the ADR
1. Definer
2. Recognition Trainer
3. Recognition Test Tool
4. Script Editor
5. Template Editor
6. Document Review Project Editor
7. Batch Compare
8. Transformation Studio

We will discuss about these tools in the next session.

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  1. Hi All,

    Any one has idea about Filenet ADR Completion and Correction.



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