Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FileNet P8 Architecture

Hi All,  Today we are going to discuss about the FileNet P8 Architecture. FileNet platform contains 3 servers we can call them as engines.
1. Application Engine
2. Content Engine
3. Process Engine
Apart from that there are different tools available like Capture, Records Manager and workplace to perform different activities.  The FileNet platform can be integrated with different  repositories like Image Services, Content services and other third party repositories using the Content Federation Services.



  1. Hello Sir,

    I read your blogs and found useful and thankful to you. I have a suggestion that if you could please also explain about CE - PE & CE - AE connection via IIOP and PE-AE connection via RMI method?

  2. W.r.t. my previous comment, its CE-PE and PE-AE using IIOP protocol and CE-AE using RMI method

  3. Thanks Naveen for the post.

  4. Thanks for the useful subjective matter.

  5. Thanks for the useful subjective matter.


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